BYB Boudoir Experience


“BYB will show you that you are beautiful,unique and sexy. We see it the moment every client walks in the door,and that moment when they are in front of the camera and they start too feel it too is magical.

Your boudoir photo shoot with us is about so much more than taking pictures in your lingerie.

It’s an experience of transformation,one of beauty,self-discovery,and confidence that you’ll cherish long after your shoot is over.

We offer the personal,intimate,individualised,and unique boudoir experience you are searching for.

Here at Beneath Your Beautiful boudoir studios,we know that your boudoir session is more than just snapping a few shots and calling it a day.

It’s a chance to pamper yourself and to have an experience that will not only capture your true beauty and sexiness,but will also transform how you see yourself today,tomorrow and forever.


We photograph clients of all shapes,sizes,and walks of life who come to us:

  • to create that special wedding day gift,anniversary,or birthday gift

  • to reward themselves for reaching a fitness goal

  • to celebrate achieving an amazing milestone in their life

  • to seize their life after recovering from an illness

  • to reclaim their personal power after a divorce or break up

  • to boost their self-esteem and body confidence

  • or simply to celebrate themselves

We have all seen photos of models and celebrities in newspapers and magazines without their professional make-up and hair styling?

They look normal everyday people. most of them you wouldn’t even recognise if you walked past them in the street,They look like you and me.

with a little professional hair and make-up and skilled lighting and posing, you can look like them too and you don't need extreme photo editing either. I do believe in some light editing , but I do not believe in disfiguring people into unrealistic versions of themselves.



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