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Everyone is worthy of feeling beautiful, confident and empowered. We offer a professional boudoir photography experience that helps clients to embrace their bodies.

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boudoir photography

"I've finally found who I am and I'm comfortable with that now, thanks to doing a BYB photoshoot"



"Self confidence is inside us all, you just need to know which buttons to press."

BYB Photography was established by myself and my husband, Jason. I have worked in the industry for years and am passionate about nurturing others, building their confidence and helping them to realise their beauty. Our passion and expertise, combined with our love for customer service has allowed us to create something truly unrivalled - and we are so excited to share it with you!


BYB, short for ‘beneath your beautiful’, wasn’t chosen at random. Not only was this our wedding song, but it is also a testament to what we intend to deliver to you. Our mission is simple, to make everyone feel amazing, confident, empowered and to provide memories to last a lifetime.


We can’t wait to have you in one of our studios!


Nicola x


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