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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

So here my story... I'm a twenty week pregnant woman with an ileostomy (stoma bag) I've not been very confident with my body and felt a bit low, then I came across BYB photography studio on Facebook here they was advertising a boudoir photoshoot, I was in two minds weather to book a shoot so I headed over to people's reviews and had a sneaky peak at some other ladies pictures and wow they all looked amazing and confident, so I thought I'd combined a boudoir and maternity shoot.

When booking with the lady at byb she was absolutely perfect and put my mind at ease, she went through everything with me which was nice as I was putting my self in to a situation id never been in which was taking me out of my comfort zone, I love my pjs and slippers! So mind at ease we have a booking !!!

Agghh scary thoughts on the morning of my shoot 'will my bag play up' or what if I look ridiculous or what if they laugh, now I know people don't laugh but this is what was going threw my head... Any way off we going a friend in tow (she had also booked on to have a shoot)...

When we got to the studio the lovely Nicola met us with a cheery smile and lovely welcome, the staff are welcoming and put at ease right away they couldn't be any more hospitable teas and coffees juice and making sure we was ok.... Then it was hair and make up time which I thought wouldn't go right as my hair is fine and lank but wow (I'm off for heated rollers) lovely curls which I thought would never happen, my make up was spot on I felt amazing for the first time in 10 years (the years I've had my stoma)....

Now here's the really scary bit getting partly naked in front of a lady id never met before I was shaking and sweating (nasty) grabs the deodorant haha... The absolute gem of a photographer was amazing with this quivering wreck making sure I was ok have me all the time I need to get my self together she showed me every scene and what would look perfect, then it really was show time we did shoots after the first 5 minutes of photos I was like a pro all because the lady was lovely and my confidence soared, click click click I was really starting to like my body on show it wasn't a. Fat ugly mess I am pregnant every scar and every stretch Mark reminded me I'm a survivor , once the shoot was over with we had afternoon tea with prosecco which was obviously passed to my friend an I had juice,....

Time for the photos!!! OMG I look lovely on them and the confidence shows I could wait to show every body and I did my pregnant belly and stoma on show for everyone to see... I'm so proud of my self right now and my body is beautiful xxx

Hannah x

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