Our Studios

We have two beautiful studios in Ilkeston and Sheffield.

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Our History

BYB Photography was launched back in 2019 with the opening of our Sheffield studio. Our goal was to create a welcoming and relaxing environment where our clients could feel safe, confident, and free to be themselves. Due to our great success, we were able to open a second studio in Ilkeston a year later!

Both of our studios are very versatile, with a range of props and sets to suit every individual.

Natural Light

Our studios are filled with a beautiful natural light - ideal for giving our clients that 'glow' and allowing us to soften any insecurities that might otherwise be brought out by harsh studio lighting.

flower boudoir.jpg
vintage boudoir.jpg

Our Sets

We have a wide variety of sets for you to make use of during your photoshoot to suit your desired aesthetic.


These include:

  • A beautiful roll top bath

  • A vintage dresser

  • Beautiful ornate beds

  • Seasonal flowers and leaves

  • Decorative backgrounds, including rustic brick walls, vibrant wallpapers and fur rugs.

The Dark Room

Our infamous Dark Room is loved by clients and staff alike. This room is all about exploring your sexuality, experimenting with some fun props, and feeling empowered!

This room is also perfect if you're interested in trying some naughtier poses or nude art.