Shila's Story

At 30 years old I discovered a tumour on my face, it was a long process to eventually get diagnosed with a tumour and get this removed. This sent me into a downward spiral mentally, at the time I’d lost my marriage, lost my house and had to sleep in my car for 3 months. During this time, I tried to take my own life. I felt I had no other option, after my marriage broke down, I found myself in a very toxic relationship. After another attempt to take my own life, I was resuscitated and taken to hospital to receive the support I desperately needed.

This year marks a year since coming out of hospital and starting my life again. I came to BYB to try and get some confidence back. This experience with BYB has made me so much stronger, since being sexually assaulted in a past relationship, I struggled to see myself sexually. I’d lost connection with my body. I feel really safe at BYB, I found it so comfortable and everyone is so friendly and personable. The photoshoot flows really well and the photographer works with you and what you’re comfortable with. All I’ve ever known is women being unsupportive of each other, so to come here and see so many women empowering other women is amazing. I haven’t felt this comfortable with my body in such a long time. Coming to BYB is a milestone moment for me, I’m getting my power back, and I’ll come back even stronger than I was before.

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