Tiff & Matt's Story

Recently, we had the pleasure of going behind the scenes with Tiff & Matt as they had their couple’s boudoir experience at BYB Photography Ilkeston.

Tiff, who had visited the studio before, was kind enough to share her experience with BYB Photography. Keep reading to find out more about how Tiff's boudoir experience changed the way she viewed herself and her body.

Q) How did you feel about yourself before your first experience with BYB Photography?

A) I had very low self esteem, I didn’t feel confident at all and I was not happy in myself.

Q) What made you want to do a boudoir photoshoot with BYB Photography?

A) I saw BYB Photography on Facebook first and I really liked the pictures that were on there. After having 2 kids I wasn’t feeling confident, but then I spoke to my partner and he said “go for it!” Since then I haven’t looked back!

Q) What was your favourite thing about your last BYB experience?

A) The whole day! I wouldn’t change a thing.

Q) How did you feel about the photoshoot portion itself, were you nervous or did you settle in quite quickly?

A) I was very nervous when I first came, but having my hair and makeup done had boosted my confidence and as soon as I went into photography I felt more relaxed - it was like second nature!

Q) How did you feel when viewing your images?

A) I felt very empowered, I felt really confident and I was shocked that they looked as good as they did!

Q) Do you feel any differently about yourself following your first BYB Experience?

A) I feel a lot more confident and at ease. I feel like a different person to what I was. As soon as you have one experience your confidence just shoots up, and I’m hoping that my second experience will boost me even more - and my partner!

Q) Why did you want to return for a second BYB boudoir experience?

A) Just to have even more confidence. I’m also doing the photoshoot with my partner this time and his confidence is shocking, so hopefully his confidence will shoot up as well!

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