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Hi, my name is Zoi and this is my story.

After winning a free boudoir experience at BYB Photography, I was extremely nervous, scared and ready to pull out of the shoot. Since last October, I have become very ill and had very negative feelings about how my body had changed. I have a stoma and an intravenous line in my arm, which delivers medication to my heart. I was nervous that people would see it during my experience and judge me for it. I definitely judge myself, and thought others would find it horrid!

When speaking to Nicola over the phone, I explained about my arm and my stoma and asked if they could take the photos from certain angles so that they wouldn't show. I know I should be proud of my scars, as the surgeries and stoma bag have saved my life and made me stronger as a person. But showing this part of my life was a struggle for me due to my low self esteem.

Prior to the shoot, the team were there to answer any questions I had and give support. They explained how the day would go, what I needed to bring with me and the best ways to travel to the studio. They were always happy to help!

Upon arrival, I was invited in and offered a drink (which you really can't say no to)! I was welcomed so lovingly and it felt very personal. They went through the forms regarding what style I wanted for my hair, makeup and photography. If you're struggling to decide then they really take the time to run through ideas with you and suggest different options. They're such a lovely and supportive team!

When my hair and makeup was finished it was time to be body confident and flaunt my scars! I was talked through all the positions and poses and asked if there were any specific shots I wanted. After changing into my first outfit I felt so comfortable and couldn't wait to start! During the shoot I got more and more confident - finding an inner strength that I had not had in over 6 years. I felt amazing and gorgeous and was so proud of myself!

At the end of the photoshoot I was asked if there was anything I would like a shot of that we had not yet done. I felt absolutely amazing and had so much body confidence, so I asked if I could do a topless picture. I am so glad I did as I was over the moon with how it looked. I had come so far from the nervous wreck I was when I arrived earlier that day!

Then, it was clothes on for a fantastic afternoon tea! If it wasn't for driving, I would have had a glass of bubbly too as this is included in the package! If you have any dietary needs, don't worry. You are asked prior to the shoot if you have any allergies or intolerances, so the afternoon tea is catered specifically to you.

Once my images were ready, I went into the viewing room to try and narrow down my selection. For the first time in years, I thought I looked fabulous! I was shocked that I had done it and the result was more than worth it! I was honestly so stunned as I normally hate my pictures - I couldn't believe I looked so stunning. When I was selecting which images I wanted to take home with me, I had a heart-to-heart with Nicola. She had been an amazing friend for over a year and is devoted to supporting her friends and clients in any way she can. She is amazing at listening and providing the right outlook on a situation. Being able to talk to her helped me release a lot of built up anxiety that I was carrying on my shoulders.

I was glowing and felt truly empowered. I cannot thank the team enough! From the moment I booked the experience to leaving the studio, I received such high-quality customer service. I especially want to say thank you to Nicola for a fabulous say and for all her support. She is such a caring, kind, huge-hearted person that gives so much to help empower her clients. She is doing remarkable work and should be so proud of herself, her husband and her team.

I will not forget this day and cannot wait to return!

Zoi x

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