Hannah's Story

Hi, I'm Hannah. I'm a twenty week pregnant woman with an ileostomy (stoma bag) and here is my story...

Recently, I have not been very confident with my body and felt a bit low; then I came across BYB Photography's advertisement on Facebook for a boudoir photoshoot. I was in two minds whether to book a shoot, so I headed over to their review tab and had a sneak peak at some of the other ladies' images. Wow! They all looked so amazing and confident! So, I thought I had to do one and booked my 'Bump Boudoir Experience'.

Speaking to Nicola over the phone was absolutely perfect! She was able to put my mind at ease by talking me through each step of the experience. This was nice as I was putting myself in a situation I'd never been in before - taking me out of my comfort zone (I love my PJs and slippers)!

It was the morning of my experience and the scary thoughts hit. "Will my bag play up?" "What if I look ridiculous, or they laugh at me?"

When I got to the studio, Nicola met me with a cheery smile and a lovely welcome. All the staff were able to put me at ease straight away and they couldn't be more hospitable! Offering teas, coffees and snacks, and making sure we were okay. Then onto hair and makeup. Initially I was worried about the outcome as my hair is fine and limp. But, wow! I came out with such lovely voluminous curls which was so unexpected! My makeup was spot on and I felt amazing for the first time in 10 years (ever since I've had my stoma).

Now, here's the really scary bit - getting semi-naked in front of a lady I had never met before! I was shaking and sweating and reaching for the deodorant! The photographer, an absolute gem, was amazing with me! She made sure I was okay and gave me loads of time to get myself together. She showed me around the set and told me which poses to do so that I would look perfect. Then it was show time! After 5 minutes of shooting, I felt like a pro! The photographer was lovely and my confidence soared!

'Click, click, click', I was really starting to like having my body on show. It was no longer the fat, ugly mess I had previously seen. Being pregnant, every scar and every stretch mark was there to remind me that I am a survivor. Once the shoot was over, I had afternoon tea which was lovely.

Time to view the photos! Oh my gosh, I looked lovely and my confidence during shooting really showed through! I couldn't wait to show everyone my pregnant belly and my stoma! I am so proud of myself and my body is beautiful!

Hannah x

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